Quality can't be rushed when it comes to servicing your pride & joy, we need time to assess the condition and make it perfect.

Our workshop has all the necessary tools and parts to get your bike fixed up and back on the road, usually with same day service. If the repair requires a specialist part then we can order it in for you and book your repair as soon as it arrives.

Our team are happy to answer enquiries and give good honest advice to help you decide what level of service your bike needs.


We offer in-store suspension servicing on Fox and Rockshox forks and air shocks. Regular servicing of your suspension ensures it continues to operate smoothly and improves its lifespan.

Fork servicing $100 + Seals Kit
Rear shock servicing $60 + Seal Kit

Book your service now. We will email back a confirmation.

StandardService: $99   This is our standard level service that ensures your bike is roadworthy and running smoothly. We recommend this service every 3-6 months. This service includes a safety check, gear tune, brake tune, lubrication, tyre inflation, test ride and an assessment of condition. A regular general service helps to prevent any issues from arising that could be expensive in the long run!   (Price does not include cost of parts)

  1. Inflate tyres
  2. Check cranks
  3. Check brakes
  4. Check gears
  5. Check headset
  6. Check wheel nuts
  7. Minor True of wheels
  8. Wipe down frame
  9. Check seat clamp tension
  10. Check head stem tension
  11. Check wheel nuts or quick releases
  12. Test ride
  13. Check pedal axles
  14. Lube the drivetrain     

PremiumService: $199

The premium service is a more specific overhaul of your bike. This where we focus on specific parts of your bike that might have a problem. If you ride a lot, this is recommended every 6-12 months.   (Price does not include cost of parts)

Includes all of Standard Service, PLUS

  1. Remove bottom bracket, regrease & re-install
  2. Check chain wear
  3. Check cassette & chain ring wear
  4. Check pulley wheels on derailleur
  5. Major True of wheels    

PlatinumService: from $299

The platinum service is a complete overhaul of your bike. If you ride a lot, this is recommended every 12-18 months. The full service involves stripping your bike back to the frame and performing a complete rebuild, with attention given to all areas of your bike. (Price does not include cost of parts)

Please note, with a Platinum Service we will require your bike for minimum of 2 days.

Includes all of Standard Service and Premium Service, PLUS

  1. Remove wheel axles, regrease & replace
  2. Remove headset bearings, regrease & replace
  3. Remove, replace & adjust brake cables
  4. Remove, replace & adjust gear cables
  5. Remove pedal axles & re-lube   


We recommend before every ride you give your bike a visual check-over to make sure that there are no loose parts, frayed cables, splits in tyres or obstructions in the wheels & that the wheel nuts or quick releases are done up correctly.

If you are in any doubt or you feel the bike could do with a more stringent inspection and treatment, contact us directly for a guaranteed professional service.

Please Note

Tandem bikes, Petrol bikes & Electric bikes will be charged on an hourly basis. Flat rates DO NOT APPLY FOR THESE bikes.

All prices serve only as a guideline and can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike. There is a minimum labour charge of $20. We will always happily give you an approximate quote for any jobs not listed. All parts are charged separately.